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"He who has a why to live can bare with almost any how."

                                  Friedrich Nietzsche

There Are Four Factors That Influence Readiness To Change
  1. Perception of need

  2. Belief that change is possible

  3. Sense to self-efficacy

  4. Intention to change

How Do We Prepare For Change
  1. Desire to change:  Is change on your mind all the time? Do you dream of yourself going in a more positive direction?  ​

  2. Ability to change:  We all have the ability to change but we must first exercise our right to change. Like our muscles need to be strengthened through exercise, the ability to change takes practice. 

  3. Reason to change:  There is always a reason to change.  What is your WHY?  Your WHY is what will motivate you to press toward your change. 

  4. Need to change:  What is truly depending on your change?  Is your health at risk?  Are you in jeopardy of losing your job?  Does your life or family relationship depend on you going in a different direction?

Your Greatness
In Your Vision
Your Next Step
Your Goals
I believe that you can. I will listen to you.  It's time for you to believe in yourself and listen to the words that you speak.  
You are the most important person in your life so start living like it!!
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