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Athlete's and active adult's that are not getting a massage  therapy regularly, are behind the curve.  Massage therapy has a long history of enhancing human performance by improving blood circulation, range of motion and flexibility.  I have been fortunate to have learned many of the worlds most effective techniques to maximizing physical ability. 


Studying many inspiring therapist and learning different techniques has moved me to develop my own modality to improve human performance.  With over 10 years of development, practice and improvement, my Stretchssage technique has helped improve human performance, decrease acute and chronic pain, increase range of motion and maximize flexibility in my clients.  





Stretchssage is a massage therapy modality created by JJ Johnson to enhance overall human performance by improving range of motion, and flexibility that may attribute to structural imbalances that could cause acute or chronic pain.  Stretchssage requires the muscles that are being treated to be in a extended position while the therapist performs soft tissue massage.  

"Stretchssage is the most effective and relaxing modalities that I've ever used as a therapist."

Sports and Deep Tissue Therapy

Sports and Deep tissue therapy target the muscle groups related to specific sports activities, as well as areas of stress and discomfort.  With great understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, I can assess and treat chronic or acute injuries and provide specialized focus on injury treatment, rehabilitation and preventing further injuries.  


Sports massage stimulates blood flow to the muscles, releases tightness and eliminates stored toxins.  For athletes and active adults, sports massage can benefit every part of your training.  Sports and Deep Therapy may include:  Stretching, Active Release, Cupping, Reflexology, and other techniques, depending on your challenge. 

Total Get Away

A Relaxing Massage is more than a luxury. It is a MUST. Our relaxing massages are gentle but firm and are guaranteed to totally relax your mind, body and soul. You will be totally indulged in the best massage therapy session you have ever experienced. This massage is guaranteed to take your stress away!  The Total Get Away includes:  Hot towels, Hot stones, Reflexology, Cranial massage and other needed techniques.

Maintenance Therapy

In addition to getting regular exercise, The Maintenance Massage Therapy not only helps improve athletic performance and takes your training to the next level but also is one of the best ways to help keep your muscles in good condition and allows you to get stronger. Maintaining healthy muscles increases your flexibility, promotes blood flow and improves your overall quality of life.  

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